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Protein Isolate

Raw Whey

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Gearing up for an intense workout? Seeking an energy boost post a high-octane gym sesh? Our Raw Whey Protein Isolate should do the trick. It is unflavoured, unadulterated protein power that fits right into your day (and your diet). Easy to prep and easier for your body to absorb and utilise, it is a consistent dose of energy that’s the brainchild of the largest whey producer in America.

It’s whey protein crafted by nature and brought to you by the best in the business. Want to try?

  • All-natural ingredients for a more nourished you
  • Cold-pressed for optimal nutrient content
  • No unnecessary/artificial stuff, just whey protein that works
  • Cross-flow microfiltration process pioneered and optimised by Glanbia Nutritionals
Cold processed
All-natural ingredients
Cross-flow microfiltration

Take it from the


They can't get enough of our Raw Whey. Neither will you.

Caertified Natural Dairy Extract

Sourced from
us & Ireland

No Maltodextrin or fillers

NO additives & Preservatives


The path to lean muscle...

Has never been this rewarding or this easy to tread!

High Protein Yield

With 27 gm of protein per 30-gm serving, lean muscle gain and synthesis become a breeze, and your fitness goals become a reality.


Every serving promises (and delivers) 7 gm of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids). These help preserve muscle glycogen stores and reduce the amount of protein breakdown!

No carbs

Carbohydrates are to lean muscle mass what Thanos is to humanity, so we keep them out. Your muscle-building dreams are our endgame.

No added sugar

Sweeteners and added sugar need not have a place in whey protein. Trunativ Raw Whey Protein Isolate is proof of that.

If you’re an athlete with a dream,
this one’s for you.



How we stack up
against the “classics”

We don’t just promise protein. We promise purity.

Trunativ Raw Whey Protein Isolate
Generic Whey Protein
Plant-Based Protein
Sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame k
Sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame k
Cornstarch, maltodextrin, milk powder
Inferior pea powder, maltodextrin, fillers
Incomplete amino profile

The story of our
Raw Whey Protein...

Was scripted by Mother Nature herself

It all begins with the sourcing of fresh milk from 95% grass-fed cows. We select only those cows that live on family-run dairy farms across a network spanning 21 counties across Ireland’s eastern seaboard and America.
We work in direct collaboration with our partners and the farmers themselves, ensuring the cows we source from roam freely for most of the year. This is how we bring you RBST-free, antibiotic-free whey protein.
We are constantly motivated by our aim to make truly grass-fed the gold standard of dairy.
Our next step is to ensure that the milk that is the starting point of our whey protein is utterly safe for consumption. We do this by cooling and pasteurising it.
We then treat the pasteurised milk with enzymes, separating it into whey and casein.
Our entire process is devoid of excessive treatment, and at every stage, our milk is tested for impurities. Maximum safety and purity are the goals.
Post purification, our whey protein concentrate is processed in a natural, cool environment. This step leaves behind pure whey protein liquid which is then dried using hot and cold air. We are finally left with a powder that has a whey ratio of about 90%.
This whole journey ensures our whey loses none of its nutritional value and the protein doesn’t get denatured.
This is why we innovate efficiencies aimed at a zero net impact on the planet. It is also why Glanbia has a Truly Grass Fed Sustainable Program, in which our farms are certified to the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) – part of Ireland’s Origin Green initiative.
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