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Everyday Fiber

Manage Weight Gain

Eliminate Constipation & Bloating

Regulate Blood Sugar

Reduce Cravings

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Add 1 teaspoon of Everyday fiber to water or your desired beverage/food items. For ideal results, consume 1 tablespoon per day.

Product Highlights & Ingredients

100% Maize Dextrin from Non-GMO Maize.

- It’s versatile! You can add it to any kind of liquid or beverage you consume — from water to coffee, from tea to curries — just stir it in, and sip away. #ItsTRU

- It’s invisible! You, or your kids, won’t even know it’s there. Our fibre powder dissolves clear and showcases no flavour or odour, so you can add it to anything without changing a thing.

- It’s a smart source of fibre! It isn’t habit forming, crafted with the cleanest ingredients, and can be incorporated into your daily diet so seamlessly that it seems too smart to be true. But #ItsTRU

- It delivers on fibre’s promises! From a healthy digestive system to balancing cholesterol levels, from regulating blood sugar to aiding weight loss — our powder ensures you get the best benefits of fibre in an easy, efficient and every day way.

Dissolves clear in liquids - An innovative Fiber that dissolves clear in liquids! Fits into your life, without changing your lifestyle. Be it tea, dal or just water :)

100% natural - It’s a completely pure, plant based fiber! Come on, let’s leave the toxic chemicals alone for a while, shall we?

Magic experience - Weird expressions while gulping Isabgol? Um, we’d pass! We all know how bad the experience can be. But don’t stress, you’ve got us!

Non-habit forming - Attachment looks good with email, nothing else! We won’t make you (or your gut) feel ridiculous for leaving us. No dependencies, we promise ;)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 102 reviews
    Best Fiber on the market

    Good pricing & great quality !

    Sahil shaikh
    Good Experience

    The product result was really good, the delivery was on time.
    Good customer service and great product explanation from the team.

    No Side Effect

    I was afraid of having side effects from this but thankfully there was nothing like this and I was happy with the results


    It took only 5 days to give good results which was really great, way better than other Fiber substitutes


    It did help in improving my digestion routine, I got the results in 6 to 7 days