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Everyday Sweet

Diabetic Friendly

Reduce Sweet Cravings

Zero Calories

Improve Skin Health

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Add Everyday Sweet to your favourite beverages and desserts. Use it exactly like you use sugar, Everyday Sweet matches sugar in it’s sweetness!

Product Highlights & Ingredients

Monk fruit and erythritol.

-It’s versatile! Just like all of our other every day products, you can mix this in with anything, sweet or savoury and enjoy its goodness without missing sugar and without even realising this is in anything.

-It’s so good it’s good for you! It’s 100% Natural, plant-based, with almost zero calories and zero net carbs, no laxative effects, non-GMO! Use it just like you would your sugar, minus the guilt!

-Not a replacement, the ultimate choice! With its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, its vegan and diabetic-friendly nature, it’s almost too good to be true. But #ItsTRU.

-The combination is golden! Separately, monk fruit and erythritol won’t do the job. Monk fruit is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar, and erythritol is only about 70% as sweet. But together they’re a win-win, perfect balance to promise the finest taste, user experience and health positivity.
1:1 table sugar replacer - Think of Everyday sweet as your normal sugar(but it’s not) & use it exactly like that! We saved you the hassle and the math, thank us later!

Natural blend of Monk Fruit & Erythritol - The ‘safest’ sugar replacer is the only option you should consider. Your body is begging you to ditch those other crazy chemicals already!

No Aftertaste - What's more ugly? The aftertaste that comes with sweet replacers or the face you make once you gulp it!? Well, both. But with our Everyday sweet, not anymore!

Zero carbs and zero calories - Unnecessary weight gain? Duh, problem solved! Toxic carbs and calories are your biggest enemies hence they are ours too ;)

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Always out of stock hard to find !

Always out of stock really tough to spot it Everytime ! Must be a hot selling product it’s extremely good to use


Everyday Sweet is the perfect sugar replacer that I was looking for, blends well with my shakes and hot beverage


I have started using this product just a few days back and I would like to let you know that this has been really helpful to me. I would like to continue consuming Everyday Sweet in my routine


Good sugar replacer tried this product through my family's recommendation.

Excellent product exprience

I can use this Everyday Sweet in my cooking, baking, and blending all of them. Excellent product exprience