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TN10 for 10% 24-48hr order dispatch

And nothing but goodness

The right kind of nutrition crafted by nature






Together with nature, we’re crafting the future of nutrition

It’s a mouth-watering, protein-rich, hassle-free future. And we’d like to share it with you.
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Nutrition that’s...

100% Natural.
100% Pure. 100% Tru.

This is our raison d'être at Trunativ — to offer you sources of nourishment that do not compromise on purity in order to provide taste and vice versa. We believe that the path to perfect nourishment has already been paved by Mother Nature. We’re just helping you find it.

Grade A

all the way

Whether they are fresh blueberries sourced all the way from Switzerland, mangoes nurtured right here in Ratnagiri, or milk given to us by grass-fed cows in the U.S., they are organic certified and of the highest grade. After all, the best nutrition formulas require the best ingredients.


We’ve forged direct connections with our farmers, ensuring our ingredients are traceable right back to the farmer and field.


Regenerative agriculture cultivates a community of microbes and invertebrates that enrich the soil. This healthier soil means more nutrient-dense food that’s tastier too!


We know that it’s not just how our ingredients are grown that matters, but also what they’re treated with as they grow. That’s why we’ve selected only the best certified organic ingredients.

We promise to be
ecologically responsible

There is no silver bullet to solving the climate crisis, but we know two things to be true. First, food production takes an environmental toll. Second, we must reduce global net CO2 to zero and also draw down carbon this decade for us to ensure a safe, stable temperature. Every decision we make, every day, matters. We believe that with immediate action, we can create longstanding and necessary sustainable change.

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