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01It all begins with the world’s best oats...

We begin by sourcing our oats from the south of Gothenburg, Sweden. Why? Because that’s where oats are grown sustainably in the ideal climate for them.

We work directly with farmers and farmers’ organisations, securing our supplies through long-term partnerships of respect. Middlemen do not play a part in our process, so you’re ensured uncompromised and unmatched purity.

It is for these reasons that our OAT® Bran has certifications across FSSC22000, FDA, Kosher, Halal, and Organic (EU).

02It gets better with the addition of organic, fruity goodness

We then set ourselves to the task of procuring the freshest, most delicious organic fruits to complement our beta-glucan-rich oats. These delights come from the world over...

Berries from Switzerland, white peaches from France, mangoes from Ratnagiri, high-extract curcumin and beetroot extract from Germany – they all find their way into our happy Froat packets.

But before that, our scientists perform 350+ methods of analysis for plant identification. They are a team that knows exactly which tests are best-suited to identifying each botanical.

03It’s taken to the next level through flash freeze-drying

Optimal flavour and nutrition are our twin goals for Froat. This is why we opt for freeze-drying as the technique to dry our fruits and convert them into powders.

We freeze each fruit and place them in a vacuum under a very low pressure. This ensures the water comes out without bringing the nutrients with it.

04Creating the best of both worlds

We then move on to bringing our oats and fruits together in a combination that is equal parts energising and lip-smacking. It’s a match made in heaven, and we make it better with active compounds.

It’s all thanks to sustainable farming

Farmers and farmer organisations are at the heart of the Froat process. We share long-standing partnerships with the farmers we work with, coordinating directly with them to cut out the involvement of middlemen. This ensures a highly traceable and transparent supply chain.

Every fruity addition to our wholesome packs of Froat is grown organically and sourced sustainably.

So with every pack of Froat, nature is giving us...
Happy farmers. Healthy food.

Research & Innovation

EU EFSA Claim Art. 13.1 Cholesterol

Regular consumption of beta glucans contributes to maintenance of normal blood cholesterol concentrations

USA FDA Claim CFR 101.81

Soluble fiber from certain foods and risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).

EU EFSA Claim Art. 13.1 Fiber

Oat grain fibre contributes to an increase in faecal bulk.

EU EFSA Claim Art. 13.1 Blood glucose

Consumption of beta-glucans from oats contributes to the reduction of the glucose rise after a meal.

Indonesia BPOM Cholesterol

Oats soluble fiber could help in lowering blood cholesterol.

Indonesia BPOM Diabetes

Oats soluble fiber could help controlling blood glucose content on diabetic mellitus type II.

South Korea KFDA blood sugar

3 g of Oat Fiber in a daily dose helps to suppress the rise of blood sugar level after a meal.

Indonesia BPOM Digestive system

Oats soluble fiber could help improving the colon health.

Malaysia MOH Cholesterol

Beta glucan from oat helps lower or reduce cholesterol.

Malaysia MOH Blood glucose

Oat soluble fiber (beta glucan) helps to lower the rise of blood glucose provided it is not consumed together with other food.

EU EFSA Claim Art. 14 Cholesterol

Oat beta glucan has been shown to lower/reduce blood cholesterol. Blood cholesterol lowering may reduce the risk of heart disease.

South Korea KFDA cholesterol

3 g of Oat Fiber in a daily dose improves cholesterol levels.

Do I have to cook FROAT?

No! Froat is an instant ready to mix powder that can be consumed with water, milk or plant based milk.

How do I consume Froat?

Simply open, pour, mix with water, chilled milk or your choice of plant based milk, shake, and your drinkable oats are ready.

Is this product nutritious?

Froat is a combination of Swedish Oats, the best Oats in the world and natural fruits. We use freeze drying process, thus retaining 95% nutrition content of the fruits.

What is freeze drying process?

Freeze-drying involves first freezing a fruit and then placing it in a vacuum under very low pressures. This process removes water much more efficiently than traditional drying while retaining the entire nutritional content of the fruit.

Are there any artificial substances in this powder?

Froat uses natural fruit extract and does not contain any artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

Is the product gluten free?

FROAT is 100% Gluten Free.

Are there any additives in FROAT?

FROAT is free from any additives, fillers or preservatives.

How should I store FROAT?

FROAT should be stores in a cool, dry place and should be kept away from Moisture.

Is FROAT easy to digest?

Yes! FROAT is a mix of Swedish oats and natural fruits, which are high in fibre and easy to digest.

Does FROAT contain sugar?

FROAT contains zero Added sugar. The sweetness comes from the natural fruit extracts.

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