How to be Fit and Healthy during Summer Season?



Summers have reached, and so are the extreme effects. With time, temperatures have been going implausibly high, impacting our health. Scalding heat impacts us in the form of heat stroke, sunburn, dehydration, etc.

It is particularly necessary to be cautious during volatile temperatures. The primary purpose of this blog is to help you lead your summers in utmost relaxation. Read this blog and follow some easy tips to have a healthy and protected summer.

Foods to Eat During the Summer Season

During the summer season, our bodies lose water at a quick rate. Therefore, it is important to refill this lost water to keep the body’s electrolytes in balance and remain hydrated.

Food items rich in water cool the body and include many important vitamins and minerals to be looked out for during the summer months. In addition, seasonal fruits and veggies include ample nutrients. 

Let us examine some food items that can be enjoyed during the summer season.

  • Curd- Plain, unsweetened curd is a strong probiotic that helps digestion. Curd rice is a staple in numerous coastal states of India.
  • Tender Coconut Water- Tender Coconut water is a mouthwatering natural beverage known to increase energy. It is rich in several important vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the electrolyte levels in the body. And if you are lucky, you can even relish the sweet coconut kernel that is occasionally found during the growing stages of the tender coconut.
  • Sweet corn- Sweet corn is an affluent source of fiber and has Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B important for keeping skin, hair, and eyes healthy. It may also delay aging. Sweet corn is a versatile ingredient and can be added to various recipes. 
  • Buttermilk- Buttermilk consumption during summer maintains the body cool and hydrated. It may also decrease the odds of suffering from heat strokes.
  • Mangoes- Apart from being tasty, mangoes help gain immunity and are an amazing source of iron and magnesium.
  • Watermelon- Watermelon coolers and mojitos provide you with all the necessary nutrients while making you feel boujee.
  • Cucumber- Abundant in water content, cucumbers are cooling and add the perfect crunch to salads. 
  • Berries- Blueberries, Raspberries, and even Gooseberries (Amla) are potent antioxidants. They can be relished in smoothies or simply as a snack to munch on.
  • Lemonade- Popularly known as Nimbu Pani, lemonades are incredibly refreshing and can also be relished by the calorie-conscious.
  • Roasted gram powder (sattu)– You can readily prepare coolant drinks made with sattu-added coriander leaves, mint leaves, salt, or sugar as per your dietary needs. This cooling drink rejuvenates you and delivers a good amount of proteins and fiber required for your body.

How to be fit and healthy during the summer season?

Stay refrigerated and hydrated.

Presumably, the most talked-about summer tips include remaining hydrated. Consume lots of water, at least two to four cups upon rising in the morning, and equivalent amounts for your activities and exercises. Carry water with you in a plastic bottle whenever you go out. You may also carry a travelling water bottle with you. Mostly, we require two to three quarts of water per day and more in hot weather or with sweating and exercise. So it is implausibly important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least eight to nine glasses of water a day.

Safeguard yourself from overexposure

One of the important tips for the summer season is protecting your body from overexposure. Aerobic activity is essential for keeping the heart strong and healthy. You should do many inhaling and exhaling and do light exercises regularly. If you only work out in a health club or gym, take some time to do refreshing outdoor activities. This will help you increase your energy levels.

Have a healthy and proper diet

Next on the summer tips for health list is following a balanced diet. Maintaining the right diet and consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables regularly is required. Consuming cooling and light foods (fresh fruits, vegetable juices, raw, vital salads, and lots of water) will nourish your body for outdoor activities. Incorporate some protein with one or two meals in your diet, and avoid oily or junk food.

Maintain proper skincare in the summer

One of the most important summer season tips is keeping care of your skin. First, the skin should be adequately moisturized in the summer. For completely dry skin, you can even use cream moisturizer. In addition, the face or skin should be adequately washed in the summer to guard against heatstroke and dust particles. This task should be done three-four times a day.

Dodge over-intoxication

One of the crucial summer health tips is to avoid heavy drinking. It is fine that everyone likes to have a good time in the summer, but there should be a limit to having alcoholic beverages when going out with friends. Over-Intoxication can impact your health badly. Also, consuming alcohol in the sun can drain you badly because you sweat and urinate more.

Have essential nutritional supplements.

Proper nutritional supplements can help you with greater physical energy and improve your summer activities. The B-complex vitamins relax the nervous system and are rather useful for cellular energy production. The other antioxidants guard your body against stress, chemical pollutants, and the biochemical by-products of exercise.

Have smaller and lighter meals

You must have small and light meals as a part of your summer health care routine. Avoid heavy stuff in your meals like fast food, junk food, etc. Heavy food is hard to digest, makes you lazy, and increases your cholesterol, poorly impacting your health. Rather, focus on a lighter meal like salad, fruit, green drinks, etc., that doesn’t require much time to digest. You should also consider leafy vegetables in your meals regularly in the summer.

Have drinks that hydrate

A ‘health tips for summer’ blog cannot be finished without talking about proper hydration. While we’ve already said this before, you ought to know about the drinks that hydrate your body. This is because some drinks ironically lead to dehydration. These contain coffee, tea, alcohol, sugary drinks, etc.

Therefore, to get hydrated well, have sips of any of the following drinks throughout the day in the summers before you feel thirsty and dehydrated: plain water, coconut water, water with lemon and cucumber slices, organic and decaf iced tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea.

Save yourself from wounds and injuries.

Due to more physical activities in the summer, injuries in any playground or around the pool raise. Therefore, one essential health tip in summer is wearing the proper protective equipment to prevent wounds and injuries.

Maintain your first aid kit or any other ointments, pain killer spray, etc., ready while playing or doing outdoor activities. This is necessary because, in the summer season, injuries and wounds are poorly affected by sunstroke, humidity, etc., and don’t get easily recovered.

To Conclude

Follow the tips mentioned above to stay calm, fit, and healthy for the summer season. Consult experts today and get all other tips regarding how to stay fit and healthy in the summer season.