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Everyday Protein

Family Friendly & Easy To Digest

Tasteless & Odorless Powder

Improve Muscle Strength

Cook With It

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Add 1 Tablespoon (15gms) of everyday protein to little water, dilute it and add to your desired food or beverage. Increase the number of tablespoons in proportion to the people consuming the dish.

Product Highlights & Ingredients

Milk acquired from 100% natural grass fed cows from Ireland and is processed to acquire high quality whey.

It’s versatile! You can add it to your sweet, savoury or favourite foods. Simply cook, blend or bake it in! Perfect for those who don’t find time to exercise, and need a break from the usual shake-routine.

It’s cooking-friendly! It doesn’t change the flavour, texture or colour of your food. A win-win for parents trying to fuel kids with nutrition without them making a fuss. They won’t even know the difference!

It’s heat-stable! You can add it to hot food without denaturing the protein. #AddTheGood

It’s a clean source of protein! There are no fillers, preservatives, added sugars or added fats!

It goes with everything! From your daily Indian meals to your favourite indulgences. It does the job! Now even the elderly can get the protein they need, but in their own hassle-free way. No extra medicines, yes please!

Easy to Digest
Made of 100% grass-fed whey - This is a no chemical, non toxic zone! A ‘clean’ protein is all you deserve.

Versatile protein - We’re a smart protein that seamlessly blends with your beverages & food like magic! Fits into your life, without changing your lifestyle because its flavorless :)

Easy to digest - It cares for you and goes easy on your tummy at all times to help you focus on your nutrition without any concerns.

Made for families - Age is literally just a number! From children to the elderly-we’re for everyone! No, you don’t need to be body builder. Yes, your body still relies heavily on protein to function well!

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Upasana Kanani
Impossible to cook

Blue packet is not good at all. It is impossible to cook rotis with it.


Amazing product


This protein did not mix well in my chai but yes in all other food, it was blended quite well. Liked the product


I have recently ordered Everyday Protein for my daily protein requirement, but I am not sure if it loses the protein content after cooking. But I loved the fact that it has no taste and it goes well with all my dishes.


As per various proteins which I have tried till now from that one of the best proteins is Everyday Protein that I have come across.
I tried it and it did help me quite well. I would recommend that mothers add this protein to their children's diet, as it is really needed